Some of the world's best waterfowl hunting is just a short skiff ride or 4 wheeler drive from our lodge. Miles of open lowland flats filled with lakes provide the perfect habitat for ducks, geese, and cranes. Our hunting season begins with the first two weeks of September when we target ducks and Sandhill Cranes. You can expect plenty of Pintails, Mallards, Wigeons, Teal, Spoonbills, Buffleheads, Harlequins, Old Squaw, and more providing lots of action. Sandhill Crane limit is 2 per day, duck limit is eight per day.
From mid September until mid October is goose season. Some of the largest concentrations of geese in the world are found here during this time. You will be targeting Cacklers and Lesser Canadiens. The limit is four per day and daily limits is the rule rather than the exception. We also have large flocks of Ptarmigan in the area that are available to hunt. These birds are excellent eating and the limit is 20 per day.

The duck and goose hunting runs September 1 through October 15. Possible Days hunts available with flight transportation to and from various lodges in the Bristol Bay area.

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