wpe5A2.jpg (12460 bytes)Our fishing season begins June 15th with the early king salmon runs up the King Salmon and Cinder Rivers. Utilizing jetboats, we will get you on the best fishing holes quickly from our lodge. King Salmon fishing season runs through July. Beginning August 15 is prime silver salmon fishing time. Large fish begin to arrive in good numbers in mid-August with the peak of the run beginning in late August, continuing into October. These Bristol Bay fish average over 10 lbs. in weight with many fish much larger!

Sockeye Salmon fishing begins July. Bristol Bay produces the largest returns of Sockeye Salmon in the world. You will be fishing strong runs on the Ugashik and Cinder Rivers.

Silvers arrive in our area chrome bright from the ocean as we are fishing just above tidewater.
For a day of grayling and lake trout fishing we can travel up river to the Ugashik Lakes. This area is world reknowned for its trout fishing and regulary produces trophy size fish.

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Arctic Grayling -the Alaska record was caught in Ugashik All Season
Arctic Char - to 20 lb. June through Sept.
Sockeye Salmon - 15 lb. July
Dolly Vardon - to 10 lb. All Season
Lake Trout - to 40 lb. All Season
Silver Salmon - to 20 lb. Aug. through Sept.
King Salmon - to 70 lb. June and July
Dog Salmon - to 18 lb. June through Aug.
Rainbow Trout - to 15 lb. June through - Sept.


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