Rick Reynolds, the owner of Reynolds Expeditions has been a commercial fisherman, pilot and a hunter for over 30 years in Alaska. With this experience and the remote location of this area we can offer a truly exciting and unique outdoor experience for all sportsman. This is a virtually untouched area for the fisherman with many virgin waters, a proven area for caribou hunting, and world class hunting for ducks and geese. This is also great upland bird hunting for ptarmigan.

The point of arrival is Pilot Point, Alaska on the Ugashik Bay. Pilot Point is serviced by Pen Air through King Salmon, Alaska. Plan on arriving in Anchorage the day before your morning departure to Pilot Point. We have a lodge in Pilot Point with cabins and spike camps located on the Cinder River, King Salmon River, Dog Salmon River and Ugashik Lakes. Some areas are virtually not fished, with some areas never having seen a fisherman wet a line.

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